Hello again!

It’s been such a long time since I took the time to sit down and do some constructive reflection, I always think but it comes out in one big splurge.

This morning I woke up to a very chilly bright sunny morning in the UK and decided to get up, change my bedsheets, have another de-clutter session in my room and just deleted my Instagram and my Twitter accounts.  I’ve done this so many times before and ended up reactivating them but I actually went through all of my pictures and tweets and thought ‘what a waste of my time, why did I do that?’. There was literally no point except to make others aware of me and my feelings. I hate social networking sites even though I have logged in daily to them for the past nearly eight years or so. 

The next year I hope to be a good one for me as this one has been so rubbish, so I will be starting it with a positive attitude. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so I have given myself more than enough time for slip ups and time to adjust! I now need to vent those instant emotions and sly indirect messages to people I can’t stand somewhere different, like on paper!! I plan to write down angry thoughts and any other negative emotions on pieces of scrap paper and using up all of those old notebooks that are half used. Straight after writing the thoughts I can screw up the paper, rip, tear, shred, burn it – anything to get rid of it! Just thinking about it sounds so good. 

I’ve also booked onto a Mindfulness workshop once a week which apparently is a new up and coming craze to help people relax and manage stress using different techniques similar to meditation.

Ahhh…fresh start here I come!