It’s been a bad year, month, week, day

by Lauren

When I have my ‘down days’ I usually hide it from most people but this year is just by far my worst.

So much has happened I can’t really cope with the stress and pressures of life. Some say ‘you’re growing up’ or ‘I understand’ well how could you? We’re all different and our circumstances are different. I know my life you know yours so let’s be real and honest and not try to be a Mr/Miss/Mrsknowitall.

At this moment I have no idea where I belong, who I belong to, where my life is heading, what I want in life. I don’t feel like I belong and I’m tired of being happy around people and being all positive when it’s not coming from my heart. I feel fake.

I rarely smile now, rarely laugh. I sometimes miss me and sometimes just wish that I wasn’t here!

Everyone has bad days and mine has gone on for too long for too many reasons!

What to do now? Where to go from here? Help me!