Every action has a consequence

by Lauren

One of my friends has told me quite a sad story. She broke it to me over dinner out and laughed along with it but obviously missed my very serious face!

It is so easy to say you love someone and be carried away into a world of passion and romance, without thinking that you’re actually putting yourself at the risk of a much more important relationship with a new life.

I could never really settle on my opinion of abortion but as I’ve grown older I’ve decided it isn’t something anyone can really be so opinionated on unless you’re Catholic or are in that position yourself or helping a loved one.

I would say now that I would not have one myself. I’m old enough to know better and understand the consequences of things like that! Some people do say they understand and are ‘safe’ when having sex but actually even if you are using protection nothing is 100% safe and accidents do happen!

If you are not ready to have a baby it leads me to the question, why are you having sex?

People need to stop doing it as if it’s a hobby or being careless. It’s so sad to hear of so many abortions from people who just don’t want a baby! I can understand in some circumstances it really is not doable.

But really, they are handed out too easily! People decide too quickly. My friend was actually influenced by her ex who didn’t want the baby and asked her to have an abortion. So she ended that precious life inside her which had a heartbeat and was beginning to grow, for someone else. So sad. She works with children, has a good job, stable friends an family.

I wonder how many people I know have had abortions that I am unaware of?