Living a Life of Purpose

Sometimes it's easier to write things down then to speak them out aloud to someone. I am leaning that everything has a purpose, I just need to find my own.

Month: March, 2013

Something to brighten up your day


Found this just browsing online. Might have to put this up on my wall as a little reminder!


Patience is a Virtue

I always hear this saying thrown around and I took like to tell it to others but it really is hard to believe when you are in a desperate situation!

I withdrew from my Primary Education degree over the Christmas period due to financial difficulties (do not have a car on finance and go to university at the same time!) and personal health issues.  I have reapplied to restart the degree this September despite the debt I am already in and the cost of the fees!

I also applied to and successfully got a job in a Nursery which I am waiting to hear back from with a start date (interview was last month!)

So at the moment life is one big waiting game of which opportunity will present itself first and which decision will be best for me in the short AND long term! 

I can’t think too much into this but I hope that as long as I stay aware of my situation and do what I have to do for each (like CRB forms, interviews) then the right choice will be made very apparent.

I also live at home with my parents and sister. I really am unhappy here it’s such a small confine d space we live in and it feels like there is no privacy or escape. I am 20 nearly 21 years old and I want to move out but nothing is cheap in England! So I will just wait this one out too…the opportunity to get out will arise I hope! 

I have a few friends who are not that loyal and tend to use me when they need a bit of company or to make up odd numbers on dates out…again I am sure one day they will return the favour!

My boyfriend is currently working his way through an amazing opportunity of working for a well known accounting firm and having a sponsored degree. Sadly this means he lives away for a few months at a time while he studies and commutes a lot to different places. We both are trying to be patient with this and look forward to when we can both just enjoy being with each other for more than a weekend at a time!

Being patient is one of the hardest things EVER but we have to use it in so many aspects of our lives. If you aren’t patient then it will seem nothing good ‘lasts’ or will come your way! Accept life as it comes and then you can be in control of where it is heading. 


Strive to be happy

It’s hard sometimes to feel happy. Some people say that being sad takes much more effort than giving a smile but for some I know it really isn’t so easy to smile or be happy.

I have been going through my own ups and downs like many and I can say the only person who can ever make you happy is yourself. Your brain. If you go on repeating to yourself the things which aren’t going right in your life then they will always be more obvious! It’s a bit like the annoying spot on my face right now – the more I look at it the more it is just THERE!

It takes time to develop a more positive approach to life but taking little steps to change certain things can help!

I started by buying ‘Born to Shop’ calendars for my wall each year which have funny quotes on and always brighten up my day! I then bought little decorations with nice quotes on, reading positive thinking blogs online, googling ‘steps to be happy’ and found I was slowly moving to a happier place. But I couldn’t think about the transition too long otherwise I would remember the sad place!

If I ever have a moment now where I am not happy, I just think of all the things which should be making me happy and grateful, for example:

– I have clean water

-I have a roof over my head

-I have potential to educate myself more

-I am employable

-I have a family, friends and a great boyfriend who care

-I own my own possessions, a MacBook, TV, car, phone, jewellery, car….

It’s all about how you look and view your situation. People can tell you to look at life more positively but you can only be happy if you strive to be. You have to want to be happy to be really happy!


This spoke out to me

So came across a post called The Unfading Beauty and thought I would read it, I am pretty amazed at how relevant this quote is to me right now.

So I have been attending church recently and just trying to get my head around all of the ideas, concepts and stories being told. It is overwhelming but those experiences I will save for another blog when I am ready!

Last night I tried on some new shorts, size 10 (a size up from my usual size 8) and they didn’t fit me. I cried a lot and called myself ‘fat’ (silly I know!) and really felt my confidence had been knocked. I guess I was realising how my diet and lifestyle will catch up on me – all of those McDonalds!

Funnily enough my sadness turned to excitement and hours of browsing eBay and various other online sites looking for new clothes, GOLD jewellery and new watches which I really do not need. I thought these things would make me more beautiful, confident and sparkly again!

This quote just bought it all back to reality. Whether you are a believer in the bible or not, the things spoken in it are just too good to ignore!

Beauty is from within!

The Unfading Beauty

Be kind – don’t judge



Find kindness in your heart 

You never really know what the person sitting next you on the bus, standing next to you in the queue, walking past you in the street or your family and friends are really going through. 

So many people post online things which are instantly judged by ourselves and others. Sometimes peoples posts are seen to be ‘attention seeking’ but that isn’t always a bad thing. That person who is bragging about their life might actually be suffering a lot and trying to make themselves feel better or keep the truth from others, that person who is always posting pictures of themselves might not be vain, they might be looking for compliments they never receive!  Everyone judges and everyone is judged…doesn’t mean it’s right and we should all let it happen. 

It came to my attention when a couple of my friends started posting things on social networking sites and I instantly built this negative feeling towards them and making comments to my boyfriend about how ‘fake’ they were being or ‘attention seeking’. I hated I was doing this, so I tried to turn it around. I got involved, I made an effort to find the problem and offer my help. I trusted. 

Amazingly, I was wrong all along and there were things happening which I wasn’t aware of. Oh the guilt. The shame. The embarrassment of telling my boyfriend and admitting I was wrong.  

But it changed me, I’m not a fool, I won’t believe everything I am told or read online but I am more cautious about how I talk to and about others. I offer my time, my knowledge and my advice to help others and I am nice to everyone I meet.

Being kind to others doesn’t mean you are fake yourself, it means you are grown up enough to hold a relationship with others and mature enough to ignore the petty faults.

Everyone has their own story and in time these stories may come to light but for some they stay in the shadows and people suffer. So be kind, help others, be supportive, offer advice and don’t  judge so quickly, don’t pretend you know what is happening, be humble and a good friend to others – you never know when it’s you who will be in need. 

Sounding like a hippy now but this world needs more love! 

Don’t stop me now!

First day of trying to improve and it’s already working. I said YES to a lady buying a dress from me to collect at half 8 in the morning…I was planning on having a lie in before my interview! I also managed to squeeze a few more yes’ on eBay: now a proud owner of a gorgeous skirt and shorts! 

Just waking up this morning has been the easiest it has been for a while, despite my sleepless night. 

Having a positive attitude changes everything. It’s so exciting!!!

Improvement begins with I

I read a post called The Ugly Me today by a lady who wasn’t afraid to admit she had room for improvement and it brought to my attention that no one is perfect and we can all take a step back and improve ourselves.

I don’t want to make an exhaustive list of bad things about myself as that won’t do me many favours but have decided three points to work on a month so here are mine for March!

1) Start saying yes to meeting with people more and sticking to the plans!

2) Drink more water and stop complaining I have headaches and am tired – it’s probably down to dehydration!

3) Compliment one person a day. This is hard as recently my mindset about myself hasn’t been to great so being positive about others can be hard! But once I start hopefully I won’t be able to stop!

Here’s to positivity!

Inspired by WordPress!


So I thought to myself this morning, I keep a diary of all my thoughts and sometimes I just want to share them with everyone so they know how I am feeling. What better way to do it than to transfer it to an online blog?

I’m new to this and had no idea what to right for my first post so I clicked the ‘inspire me’ button and was presented with this: 

”If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?”

If I were to suddenly become independently wealthy I would book a trip to a less fortunate part of the world to help teach in schools. I love children and working with them, there is no better way to spend money than to invest in the worlds future. 

Education is the key to the future! With my career aims to become a teacher, I will be making a huge difference. I know it might not be more visible than grades on paper in the short term, but in the long term I hope that my class of little four and five year olds will develop into intelligent, wise, positive world-changing figureheads! 

I have been thinking how money holds people back however it shouldn’t stop you from making a difference to the world. I am far from wealthy so instead of travelling for now I will look to volunteering in a charity shop or fundraising for projects!

Making a difference to other people’s lives is so rewarding. I’m starting to live my life for others and not for myself, it’s so much more satisfying. I’m making a difference and finding my purpose…what are you doing?